Why the world needs a Superhero

The world needs a superhero

The world is fucked and the need is now. Like right fucking now!!

Heros unite

Screw Logan for dying and screw Deadpool for not showing up during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of a dead person in the comics. I do. It’s just that it’s a little hard to get excited about a character who’s already dead, and who doesn’t have much to do in the future.

The world needs a superhero for real. With everything that is going around, we desperately need hope ̶ hope for the good guys.

Yes, the superhero will have a solid plan to restore the dignity of this world.

To enable the emergence of the good guys who are willing to stick their necks out and face the brunt of danger for the common good.

These are the commoners like you and me.

They will fight with you and fight for you. They will rise above fear and intimidation.

You and I will not hide under our beds or under our umbrellas. We will not cower or hide.

Not to be taken in by the foul-minded liars and weak minds that run the world.

We will stand up for what we know is right ̶ no matter the cost.

We will rise above tyranny and oppression, for the future of our children depends on it. To tackle real life problems head-on. To build what we need ̶ not what we want ̶ to make a better life for our families, our communities, our country. To fight with all our strength and make this world more resilient to real problems that threaten to take it apart. To help those in need ̶ both our fellow citizens in need and those displaced around the world. To make sure this world is a better place, for everyone.

To rise above the selfishness and greed that destroy our world and take it to the brink. To end tyranny in all its forms. To stand up to the rot and rot in our land. To make it a better place to live. To ensure we can all keep coming together to forge a better life for our children.

We need a superhero for real.

As citizens of the free world, we cannot allow this to continue.

We need a superhero.

We need a superhero.

This is NOT a one-man show.

This is not a fight against one politician. This is a fight against systems and structures of injustice that are slowly taking down the very institutions that have given us our humanity. The legacy of our ancestors, as we remember them, was fighting for our humanity. We can continue the tradition. We must act, and act now.

Together, we rise. We can do this.

P.S. – Fuck you Deadpool and Fuck you Logan.

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