Why hating your Job is not an option

Hate your job

“I hate this job!” You hear this often from people that arent satisfied with the work they hold. But they can’t take this thing calledjob” faraway from them because it brings food to the table, buys them clothes and shoes to stay them in fashion, buys medicine to stay them healthy, and pays for nearly everything they have on a day-to-day basis. Technically, it’s ironic that something sort of a “job” would be hated by numerous people when it can bring them many benefits. People use the word hate to express their frustration. They rant about everything under the sun and link it to their job. Instead, they should find motivation even in the worst of scenarios.

Love you job

Psychologically, if you hate your job, it only means it’s something you are doing against your will. Anything that resists a flow make the flows difficult. Similarly, when we assist the flow, we become a part of the flow.

If you setlove” rather than “hate” to your job, work becomes easier for you. This may cause you to more productive. The corporate will profit more. As a result, they’re going to pay you more. Then, everybody becomes happy.

If you’re the employer, you’ll also do many positive changes which will benefit your employees. At the end, you’ll be the most important beneficiary of this alteration.

You can start by putting up slogans round the walls of the workplace. These slogans may suggest positive attitudes which will form a part of their work habits. There’s power in words. These words, once written on slogans will guide your staff to vary in positive ways. It might turn these words into action. In time, the “I hate this job” gives way for “I love this job”. This improvement at work attitude is going to be reflected in the turnover of employees. As an employer, you’ll find fewer people leaving the organization, and more employees being satisfied.

Visitors visiting your company are going to be impressed with the slogans you place on the walls of your work place. So, make them as meaningful as possible.

If you’re the worker, you want to make a change within the way, you think that about your job.

There are many instances wherein an employee doesnt see the great side of his job until he has left or lost it. You would like to awaken one morning to the present scenario. To avoid this, let the great side of keeping your job pervade your thoughts.

Here’s another formula, treat your job as if you’re doing voluntary work. Consider your job as if you’re helping the needy without expecting anything reciprocally. You’ll be astonished with the result it’ll bring back your heart, health, and pocket. Treating your job as a volunteer work causes you to work wholeheartedly, with none resistance.

It’s either you retain your job otherwise you don’t. Hating it’s not an option.

With today’s situation wherein the COVID-19 pandemic has taken toll on lives as well as jobs, it’s our suggestion that you start loving your job, pronto 🙂

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