Top 3 Ways to Conquer Your Struggles And Move Forward

You need to learn how to conquer your struggles and move forward. There’s a quote that says, “when life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila.” This quote stood out to me because let’s be real sometimes life gets super sour. This is just part of the life we were given to live. As human beings, difficulties will constantly be knocking on our doors. And the reaction that we choose to face the difficulties with is our responsibility.

Way To Conquer Your Struggles And Move Forward

Nothing in life is permanent. If we take an example at the 4 different seasons we go throughout the year. We can see that one season there are leaves to the trees, next to the leaves are falling from the trees.

We can see our lives the same way, sometimes things are good, and sometimes life feels like you’ve been kicked in your mid-section. But it is important to develop a mindset of a conqueror. A conqueror knows that no matter how hard life gets, he/she can be creative with the options that life puts on the table and still conquer.


How Do I Conquer in Life?

The thing about difficulty is that we cannot control the situation that has come upon us. But we can begin to control some details. For example, our reaction towards the difficulty.

What do you do when everything you trusted collapses? How do you prepare for a sudden change in life? How do you bounce back after life hits you down to your knees?

Living on earth means to expect the unexpected. It’s to prepare yourself for the unforeseen. This is something that many of us fail to do. That is why when going through a crisis it may feel like there’s no way out.

Today I want to help you change your perception of your difficulties, to see them as possibilities.

C.S. Lewis said, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”

Here are 3 ways you can develop a mindset of a conqueror:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally that nothing is permanent

To conquer and move forward after each difficulty is to develop the mindset that nothing is permanent. Just as the goodwill does not last forever, so the bad won’t. Some people do not like change. But it’s important to realize that changes have many benefits. You wouldn’t appreciate the good if you never went through the bad.

Be open to change and expect the unforeseen. It doesn’t matter what is happening right now because it cannot last. There will be an end to every crisis.

  1. Break loose from the victim mentality

After the doctors diagnosed me with facial paralysis, my first reaction was to blame. Blame the dentists, my job, and everything around me for going through what I went through.

But afterward, I came to understand that when we create a victim mentality for our struggles it will delay us from receiving the blessings that are meant for us. With the result that, you will dwell in your situation long term, while you could have been free. But because of your wrong mindset, you are stuck. Break free from it!

  1. See your difficulties as possibilities to grow

You are alive! You are learning, growing, and smarter now. Change has a tremendous benefit over our lives. Just as a hurricane when it hits a country it’s dark and ugly but after a few months’ new flowers are blooming. You can see a clearer landscape, new construction, etc. Our difficulties will build us to become strong and capable people.


Difficulties will knock on our doors time and time again. What we choose next is our responsibility. Teach yourself to see the good in everything!

Decide today that you are going to prepare yourself to see your hardship as new possibilities, by breaking loose from a victim mentality and by accepting that nothing is permanent!

Author – Jane

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