Shooploop – online shopping service by Google

Google has soft launched Shoploop, an experimental new online shopping service that uses short form videos in order to convey information about the products on offer.

More About Online Shopping Service By Google

Developed by the company’s “in-house incubator” team named Area 120, Shoploop differentiates itself from massive juggernauts like Amazon by utilizing a system it calls “Social Video Commerce.” Videos created by publishers, influencers, and other experts in each product category are used in order to both entertain and recommend new products to shoppers. These videos are designed to be short in length with product explanations, demonstrations, and recommendations.

Google’s official FAQ for Shoploop states that video creators are “expected to be completely honest in their product recommendations and reviews” when asked why users should trust videos on the products listed. At the same time, Google also states that it does not endorse any of the products listed for sale on Shoploop.

Shoploop is currently accessible by going to on your smart device. Though anyone with a Google Account can currently browse and purchase products, the ability to list products and upload videos focused on them is currently by application or invite only.

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