Rant about something

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Emotional outburst is normal, even for strong people. It may be frustrating, but it shows your passion to change and become the best you that you can be. How ranting your frustration helps you motivate yourself to make positive changes in life and help others?

Rant about something

Here are 10 ways to rant out that emotional baggage and motivate yourself.

  1. Invent a narrative

Who you are. Why you are the way you are. Be excited about your life! Write down one thing you like about yourself. Write down one thing you like about someone else. Do not censor yourself. Embrace the good parts, honor your flaws and enjoy your story.


  1. Sing a song to yourself

With a pad and pen or pencil, write down every single good or negative thought you have. If the thought is positive, write it down twice (this is the second column). If the thought is negative, write it down three times. In the last column write down whatever you want to believe about yourself.

  1. Embrace limitations

When you fall, get back up. When you think you can’t, prove yourself wrong. Do not let your fears hold you back.

  1. Visualize the person you want to become

Imagine the person you want to be, then imagine that person in all aspects of his/her life and heart. Be him/her. The person with the strength, courage, leadership and sense of adventure. The person with the passion and curiosity. The person who loves himself/herself and others.

  1. Focus on the right now

Every moment should be spent finding joy and meaning in your life. When you feel stressed, ask yourself, “What do I need right now? What does my life mean to me?” The energy of doing good during this moment will sustain you throughout the day and carry you into the long run

  1. Tune into the sounds around you

Listen to your breathing. Smell the smells. Feel your body and its movements.

  1. Experience gratitude

Gather all the experiences and positive influences you were fortunate enough to enjoy in the past and thank them. The gratefulness feels good, and it is meant to change your life.

  1. Change the person you want to be in your mind

Every day, picture the person you want to become in your mind, and work toward it. Decide every day to be more gentle with yourself, to be more loving, and to have more faith in your abilities.

  1. Slow down and listen

The rush of our days is overwhelming and we can easily miss our inner guidance. Listen to your body and make time to reflect. Observe yourself as you breathe. Allow yourself the space to breathe and to feel.

  1. Embrace the present

The present moment is your most powerful opportunity to thrive and make the changes you have been dreaming of.

So, stop thinking, and start taking the steps to get closer to the place you want to be. It’s your time to get up and rant.


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