Is the world coming to an end?

end of the world

What if the world is just a computer program and that nothing is real? Is it possible that we are just a part of one big experiment?

Another favorite is: Is it possible that your life is just a computer simulation?

I’ve often wondered that myself, and I’ve read a lot of different answers, and no one seems to be able to really say what the answer is.

If it is true that the world is made up of computer programs (or consciousness) then everything around us is just a program that we have programmed.

And that is probably what this is all about. We’ve seen a lot of bizarre revelations in the past, from people claiming to have gained instantaneous knowledge of the past, to people who say they are aliens who have come to Earth to teach us all about how we’re living.

We can probably expect a lot of these bizarre things to happen, if you ask me. But it could also be the case that it’s all a giant hoax.

Something much stranger is on the horizon, though.

You see, we are entering into a new period of history. Many believe that a dark age (or a twilight age) will begin.

And this new era will be a complete and total turning point. The world has been growing steadily darker and darker, with each passing day.

Unless something radically changes in the very near future, soon the darkness will reach its boiling point and it will all begin to melt away.

So, what is this new era that we are entering into?

Well, it’s something that has been talked about for a very long time, but nobody has ever quite identified it.

But it’s coming…

Just remember: You can’t predict the future.

You can only look for the most predictable patterns, and those patterns all point to the same thing.

So, what are we dealing with?

Well, it is believed that a grand unification will occur that will culminate in a massive transfer of energy, power and money from the old system to the new.

This will happen because the old, dying system can no longer provide the resources necessary for this transition to happen.

For example, there is no energy available in this world at this time that can generate the amount of energy required to generate a new electrical grid.

There is no water in this world that can be used to pump it into this grid

There is no food in this world that can be produced in the amounts required to feed this new grid.

There is no construction equipment in this world that can be used to build the new buildings needed to house the new power grid.

There is no steel in this world that can be used to cut it into the new, flexible form that will be required to power the new grid.

There is no way that the resources necessary to create this new system can be produced in the amounts required to fund the entire thing.

And so, the final, self-destroying energy and resource wave of this old world is about to come to an end…

And with it, the power of money will disappear.

We may witness the total destruction of the current banking system.

The great experiment that was created through the entire financial system may collapse.

Governments around the world will be on the brink of going bankrupt.

Not just the usual central banks, but the entire system of central banking.

Now that this system has been exposed for what it is, we will be thrust into an epic battle between the old, dying world and the new, coming one.

But most people don’t realize that this is going to be the last battle for this world. That it will determine the fate of all of mankind.

But if you think about it, it’s all rather obvious.

Some of the biggest disasters that have ever happened in human history were the final battles in the End Times.

The nuclear holocaust that occurred at the end of World War II, when hundreds of millions of people were killed in one single blast.

The great Flood that destroyed the entire planet, leading to a billion and a half deaths.

The Black Plague.

The great drought.

The war of the worlds.

The final battle in the great conflict between good and evil.

The battle between good and evil that is depicted in the movies.

What if the earth was a computer game, what if we are all just in a video game that has no ending? Is the world we are living in a hallucination?

Does anyone really know if the apocalypse is real or not? The reality is that all the answers are up to interpretation.

Regardless of what you believe, what does it say about you if you are afraid of the end times or if you are quite confident the end times are upon us? With all the craziness in the world, why are people so terrified of the end of the world? Shouldn’t we be looking forward to what lies ahead?

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