How to learn something new?

Perfection in learning

What is Learning?

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Learning is Natural.
Learning is perpetual.
Learning is Eventful.

We all want to learn numerous things. We want to learn different language, different arts and different skills. What we acquire depends on our interest.
Having said that, “wanting to learn” and “learning” remain two different things. We all start out Passionately, Zealously and Fearlessly. However, it is challenging to keep that passion, zeal and fearlessness going. Let’s go back to our school days. Remember how at the start of every semester we used to be excited about studying? The way we carefully placed our books in the closet. Bought new school bags and compass boxes. The fresh scent of new stationary made us aim for achieving nothing but success. But as the months passed, it all faded away. The books were no longer neatly arranged. The school bags were not that tidy. And the scent was gone.

Passion in learning
This is what typically happens to us even today.
Did you know learning and achieving is as simple as following 4 steps?
And what are those steps? Carefully, read on.

Learning to Perfection

  1. Passion

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We all know what passion means. But do we genuinely know what passion in fact is? The answer to this question has been the subject of much study and debate over many years.
    The answer lies with you. We are all passionate about something in life or at least think passionately about something.

    Firstly, passion is a state of mind. It is not a physical state, nor is it a mental state. Rather, it is an emotional state that is brought about by our own actions.

    Secondly, it is critical to understand passion as a feeling. A feeling is defined as an emotion that arises from the interaction of two or more stimuli.

    Finally, what I believe is the most important, is to understand that what drives passion in one person is not necessarily the same thing that drives it in another. For example, if you have a passion for a particular sport, you might be driven by a desire to compete in that sport. If you are passionate about something else, like art, music or literature, then you may not be motivated by competition.

    My suggestion – Bring passion to your learning. When you learn something that you are passionate about, the results will be nothing short of awesome.
    easy steps to learning

  2. Motivation

    Motivation commits us to find inspiration amongst the toughest of obstacles. Let us take me, for example. I love to sketch. I am passionate about it. But I am not perfect. Every so often I find it extremely difficult to even pick up the pencil and start something. This is when I ask my husband, “Can I do it?”and he always replies with an assuring “Yes you can.” This is what keeps me motivated.
    Motivation and Learning go hand in hand. We need motivation for learning and learning is impossible without motivation.
    Find motivation in simple things. If learning is a journey, motivation is the milestone that keeps you focused.

  3. Dedication

    I”ll be straight forward with you on this. No Dedication, No Learning. Success needs commitment and that commitment comes from dedication to your goal. Use any scenario in life, if you are not dedicated, you will fail. As harsh as it may sound, no one can refute it. However, the fact that you failed cannot be attributed to the fact that you were not dedicated.
    Leaning demands devotion, sacrifices and focus. If you were seeking an easy road to success, I suggest you browse away because there is
    Dedication is an crucial aspect to learning or finding success in life and I think it’s a great way for people who are at the end of their rope to find motivation through something that they love doing.

  4. Hard Work

    “Hard work always pays off” sounds like a cliched dialogue from your grandma. But to be honest, it is the truth. We all know if but somehow always try to find a way around it. Passion, Motivation and Dedication will pave your path to successfully learning new things in life. But hard work is that extra mile without which everything is meaningless. If Passion was the founding stone, Hard work would be the roof. I won’t elaborate here because there is nothing, I can say you don’t already know.

Do what you want. Follow what you heart says. But without a disciplined approached, learning will be difficult, if not impossible.

If you love to learn, learn to follow the steps stated above and it will be alright. Trust me.

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