Healing Power of Nature

The power of nature
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Nature can Heal You

The ups and downs of life can grind you out, both emotionally and physically. The lines between reality and fiction can start getting blurred. It becomes challenging to distinguish between real and fake. So much so that we start to dispute our own existence. The gloomy cloud of Negativity relentlessly follows us around with no light in sight. It is in those challenging times we must not forget that no matter how dark it gets, there’s always a leading light at the end of the tunnel.

Allow me to be that light to gently steer you whenever you are depressed or short on motivation.


  1. Morning Magic – Peaceful mornings undoubtedly remain the most gorgeous things when you are trying to find some light in your life. Go outside, on the roof, or in a garden, and heartily enjoy the untouched beauty the morning has to offer. Find happiness in the calm breeze, the subtle chirpings of the magnificent birds, and the mighty trees eagerly trying to bask in the early morning sunshine. Gently wake your inner positivity with some morning magic.
  2. Selfless love of Animals – There are eternal beauties in nature that we conveniently overlook. We are tied up with frustration at work, familiar arguments with partners, differences among friends, and so on. Gently take a peaceful moment and look around. There is an extraordinary world around you. Birds, insects, animals, they all provide stories to narrate. Instantly find motivation in an ant trying to move a grain twice its size. Obtain some peace in a peacock carefully spreading its wings in a lively dance. Find some energy is a tiger’s roar. Find some love in a dog’s eyes. Experience some radiant happiness in a bird’s flight. And discover some gorgeous colours all around you. Get rid of that disguise and break free.
  3. Planting Happiness – Plants faithfully support life on this planet. They undoubtedly remain the most crucial factor behind the existence of life around us. Therefore, do yourself a divine favour and plant a tree. Sow the seed, water it, and witness the life grow. A plant will listen to your rants, your heartfelt sorrows, and your happiness. A plant will never argue or disappoint you. It will give you more than what you could ever give it in return. You will experience nothing but love and positivity from a plant. Therefore, I repeat earnestly, do yourself a favour and plant a tree.
  4. Light your life with Moon – You might think I have gone bonkers when I advise you to talk to the moon. Absolutely, that’s right, that was no typo. Have you ever noted how the moon stands there and observes everything with a smile? How the cheerful light shines serenely bright and guides the lost souls? If you haven’t, I humbly suggest you grab a cup of coffee and watch the moon accomplish its mystical journey into the gentle night. Generously share your problems, your desires, and your fears with the moon and trust me, it will always smile and shine bright.

Animals, plants, the moon, the ocean, and the sun, nature has provided us the best remedy to our problems. You don’t have to spend a penny to gain peace in nature. Allow nature to heal your body, soul, and mind. Undertake this journey and guide others to explore this experience with you.

Remember, Nature will never abandon you.

Healing power of nature

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