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Perfection in learning

How to learn something new?

What is Learning? Image and Content – Shilpika Learning is Natural. Learning is perpetual. Learning is Eventful. We all want to learn numerous things. We want to learn different language, different arts and different skills. What we acquire depends on our interest. Having said that, “wanting to learn” and “learning” remain two different things. We all start out Passionately, Zealously and Fearlessly. However, it is challenging to keep that passion, zeal and fearlessness going. Let’s… Read More »How to learn something new?

Storms in life

Storms in life

Image and Content – Shilpika Life is like Nature Just like nature, our life too is full of seasons. Seasons bestow happiness as well as sadness. In the same way, seasons accompany storms. Our life too encounters storms. These storms can enter in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Some are short-lived and some stay for an extended period of time. These storms can work both ways. At times, it can bring you closer to your… Read More »Storms in life

The power of nature

Healing Power of Nature

Photo and content credit – Shilpika Nature can Heal You The ups and downs of life can grind you out, both emotionally and physically. The lines between reality and fiction can start getting blurred. It becomes challenging to distinguish between real and fake. So much so that we start to dispute our own existence. The gloomy cloud of Negativity relentlessly follows us around with no light in sight. It is in those challenging times we… Read More »Healing Power of Nature