Biden-Harris Inauguration: Schedule and Live Stream

Follow the live streaming which starts at 10 AM EST As America prepares itself for the transition, here’s a look at the entire schedule of today’s Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Inauguration coverage starts 10:00 AM EST Oath of Office 12:00 PM EST Pass in Review 1:40 PM EST Luncheon Cancelled Wreath Laying at Arlington National Cemetery 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM EST Presidential Escort 3:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST Parade Across… Read More »Biden-Harris Inauguration: Schedule and Live Stream

Are we the Virus?

Are we the Virus?

Humans bring Destruction What if humans are the virus destroying nature and coronavirus in nature’s immune system fighting back to destroy humans? Humans have destroyed the planet and now the nature is fighting back. Have humans become a cancer to the Nature? The virus is the power that we use to run things and since it is an evolutionary one, it also requires more and more of the earth to run. Nature will not stand… Read More »Are we the Virus?

end of the world

Is the world coming to an end?

What if the world is just a computer program and that nothing is real? Is it possible that we are just a part of one big experiment? Another favorite is: Is it possible that your life is just a computer simulation? I’ve often wondered that myself, and I’ve read a lot of different answers, and no one seems to be able to really say what the answer is. If it is true that the world… Read More »Is the world coming to an end?

The world needs a superhero

Why the world needs a Superhero

The world is fucked and the need is now. Like right fucking now!! Screw Logan for dying and screw Deadpool for not showing up during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of a dead person in the comics. I do. It’s just that it’s a little hard to get excited about a character who’s already dead, and who doesn’t have much to do in the future. The world needs a… Read More »Why the world needs a Superhero

Rant meaning

Rant about something

Rant it out Emotional outburst is normal, even for strong people. It may be frustrating, but it shows your passion to change and become the best you that you can be. How ranting your frustration helps you motivate yourself to make positive changes in life and help others? Here are 10 ways to rant out that emotional baggage and motivate yourself. Invent a narrative Who you are. Why you are the way you are. Be… Read More »Rant about something

Black Panther

There is no Black Panther without Chadwick Boseman

Gone too soon Just over a year ago, on June 6, 2019, Chadwick Boseman spoke at the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award, honoring the great Denzel Washington. He spoke candidly about how he and others like him were fortunate enough to have risen to fame with the generous help of Denzel. The most memorable part of that tribute being these words, which will surely go down in history as some of the rawest and honest… Read More »There is no Black Panther without Chadwick Boseman

Mesothelioma Attorney Assistance

Mesothelioma Attorney Assistance

The Disease When someone is diagnosed with mesothelioma, they will find they require an attorney to assist them with their case. This is a rare disease, and there’s little to be said about the condition. The rate of this disease is on the rise and there are new lawyers that try to settle many cases for various people. They have stepped in for the rights of the people to support them with their case. Many… Read More »Mesothelioma Attorney Assistance

Compare vehicle insurance

Compare Vehicle Insurance

When you compare cheap auto insurance quotes, you almost certainly compare the costs of every policy you’re considering. While comparing prices many appear to be the apparent trick get a cheap automobile insurance quote, price should only be one factor. Once you’ve got your cheap car insurance quotes, you would like to match them as well as the insurance companies. Three things play an important role while comparing cheap car insurance quotes, i.e. coverage, cost, and service. Coverage Offered by the Car Insurance Policy The first factor to think about as you compare cheap car insurance quotes is that the coverage offered by… Read More »Compare Vehicle Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Boon or Curse? Technology has caused the world to become a smaller place to surf. However, the same technology has made the world a bigger hunting ground for hackers. Today, Data is worth more than gold. And it is of utmost importance for business organizations to safeguard their valuable assets. Insurance performs a significant role when one wants to mitigate and manage their risks. Hence, when it comes to Cyber Risks, Cyber Insurance, also known… Read More »Cyber Insurance

Sketch by Shilpika

Follow your passion

Photo Credits – Shilpika Passion can move mountains Allow me to start by saying that an individual’s enthusiasm will inspire and move him/her to invest compelling energy into everything. What’s more, the eagerness from this motivation is certainty infectious. It will essentially influence all with whom these people come into contact. “There will also be a win in the closet of defeat. Even a whisper by the lioness will sound like a roar” This is… Read More »Follow your passion

Love you job

Life Insurance Facts

FACTS Buying extra security is a significant choice and a significant responsibility. Before you sign the and purchase your policy, find the realities, and discover solutions to any inquiries. To get the best inclusion for your well-deserved dollar, here are ten significant things that you have to think about Life Insurance: TIPS Don’t put it off – You realize that you will require extra security at some point or another, and now is the best… Read More »Life Insurance Facts

10 tips for self improvement

“Who’s the Boss?” From the outset, doubtlessly positive reasoning and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have nothing to do with each other. In any case, a large number of us with ADD create negative reasoning examples since we become disappointed by our difficulties and regular sentiments of being overpowered. This negative standpoint at that point makes it significantly harder for us to deal with those difficulties and push ahead. Rehearsing constructive reasoning permits individuals with ADD… Read More »10 tips for self improvement

Gmail down

GMAIL IS DOWN Users all around the word are facing issues while accessing Gmail and many of its services. In addition to Gmail, Google services including Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Meet are down globally, as per the G Suite Status Dashboard. Many users uploading files on Google Drive, writing content on Google Docs or making video calls using Google Meet are reporting problems since morning. As far as we know, users all around the world are facing difficulties in… Read More »Gmail down

Anger Management tips for children

Anger Management in Children Anger is children in a truth that needs acceptance. Today we discuss ways to conquer anger and improve self-esteem for yourself and your family. It doesn’t matter if the issues are with you or someone close to you. This blog will deal with the details of everything. Follow some simple anger management steps for a calm and stress-free life. Stress in the family can sometimes lead to anger management issues in… Read More »Anger Management tips for children

How to Solve Your Problems

Unraveling the Math

How much percentage from a class of 30 students would agree with you that Mathematics remains a leading subject? You might answer, “around 10 to 35%” which is all. True, most youngsters today aren’t thrilled to unravel Mathematical equations, not because they do not know the processes involved, but thanks to the shortage of interest in it. In a similar way, our routine activities won’t consistently carry 100% joy and 0% problems.Read More »How to Solve Your Problems

Advantages of Online Shopping

Online shopping has gained immense popularity for a variety of reasons. With the current social distancing norms, online shopping has picked up a rapid pace. Even before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, various outside factors contributed to the growth of E-commerce. A few of them being, increasing fuel prices, traffic, time consumption, etc. However, there several internal factors that make online shopping an excellent option for many busy shoppers. Some of these benefits include convenience, instant… Read More »Advantages of Online Shopping

Hate your job

Why hating your Job is not an option

“I hate this job!” You hear this often from people that aren‘t satisfied with the work they hold. But they can’t take this thing called “job” faraway from them because it brings food to the table, buys them clothes and shoes to stay them in fashion, buys medicine to stay them healthy, and pays for nearly everything they have on a day-to-day basis. Technically, it’s ironic that something sort of a “job” would be hated… Read More »Why hating your Job is not an option

How to Meet Our Daily Exercise Requirement

We should meet our daily exercise requirement. Most of us would definitely exercise if we only had the (extra) time, but since we don’t. Well, according to experts your “valid” excuse is in reality a “poor” one. More About Our Daily Exercise Requirement Despite what you’ve been conditioned to believe, like the need to join a group, gym, etc and devote a designated amount of time per day to your workout routine, experts assert it’s… Read More »How to Meet Our Daily Exercise Requirement

Here’s how you can help Beirut

Get notified how you can help Beirut. As hospitals are inundated with new victims, relief groups in the country need money and resources fast. Here are a few ways you can help right now: The Lebanese Red Cross: Among other things, this group helps provide ambulance services in the country. It said on Twitter today that it has already set up “triage and first aid stations” to help people with noncritical injuries. The group could use… Read More »Here’s how you can help Beirut

Beirut residents are turning to Instagram to locate missing loved ones

In the wake of a devastating explosion that tore through a section of Beirut on Tuesday, Instagram is emerging as a significant resource for residents are turning to instagram there who are trying to locate lost loved ones. Days after the blast killed 154 people and left up to 5,000 more injured, dozens of people are still missing in the Lebanese capital. According to Sky News, international rescue teams are combing through the rubble and debris in… Read More »Beirut residents are turning to Instagram to locate missing loved ones


How to avail Facebook’s $25 Million Program to Support Black Creators

Get notified how to avail facebook’s $25 million program. As part of its ongoing effort to support diversity and inclusion, Facebook has today announced a new $25 million funding program to assist black creators. As explained by Facebook: “We want to empower the next generation of Black storytellers to become successful. By participating in this initiative, creators will receive the support they need to help them propel their careers to the next level, grow their… Read More »How to avail Facebook’s $25 Million Program to Support Black Creators

Transactions with TikTok parent ByteDance to be banned in 45 days

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday blocking all transactions with TikTok parent ByteDance, the China-based company that owns TikTok, in 45 days. Also read – TikTok and 32 other iOS apps,still stealing data from your clipboard Trump cited a “national emergency with respect to the information and communications technology and services supply chain” as the reason for the moratorium, escalating a dispute with TikTok that could force an acquisition of some or all… Read More »Transactions with TikTok parent ByteDance to be banned in 45 days

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 5

Here is a detailed Information About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 5 (Image credit: Activision) WIN MORE WITH THESE WARZONE LOADOUTS (Image credit: Activision) Warzone loadouts: The gear to choose Best M4A1 loadout Warzone: Top all-purpose AR builds Best MP7 loadout Warzone: Effective SMG setups Best Grau loadout Warzone: Strong AR drops Best M13 loadout Warzone: The attachments to choose CoD: MW Season 5 is just around the corner. Following Infinity Ward’s official reveal and a couple of leaks… Read More »Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 5

NASA’s SpaceX Demonstration Mission-2 – Countdown to the Splashdown

NASA Astronauts Return to Earth, Splashdown on SpaceX Dragon EndeavourWatch this video on YouTube   According to the latest news about NASA’s SpaceX Demonstration Mission-2, on Saturday evening the Crew Dragon spacecraft carrying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, named Dragonship Endeavour, undocked from the International Space Station to begin its journey home. More About NASA’s SpaceX Demonstration Mission-2 The undocking came after NASA and SpaceX determined the spacecraft would find calm seas and light… Read More »NASA’s SpaceX Demonstration Mission-2 – Countdown to the Splashdown

Top 3 Ways to Conquer Your Struggles And Move Forward

You need to learn how to conquer your struggles and move forward. There’s a quote that says, “when life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila.” This quote stood out to me because let’s be real sometimes life gets super sour. This is just part of the life we were given to live. As human beings, difficulties will constantly be knocking on our doors. And the reaction that we choose to face the difficulties… Read More »Top 3 Ways to Conquer Your Struggles And Move Forward

Shooploop – online shopping service by Google

Google has soft launched Shoploop, an experimental new online shopping service that uses short form videos in order to convey information about the products on offer. More About Online Shopping Service By Google Developed by the company’s “in-house incubator” team named Area 120, Shoploop differentiates itself from massive juggernauts like Amazon by utilizing a system it calls “Social Video Commerce.” Videos created by publishers, influencers, and other experts in each product category are used in… Read More »Shooploop – online shopping service by Google

TikTok and 32 other iOS Apps stealing data from your clipboard

Apple Apps Stealing Data From Your Phone There is an allegation that apps stealing data from phone.  Apple’s commitment to the privacy and security for its users often faces roadblocks in the analytics and behavioral research used by third party app publishers on the company’s App Store. iOS 14 features a banner warning whenever an app reads clipboard contents on your device. This has allowed for unprecedented checking of text collection by third party apps.… Read More »TikTok and 32 other iOS Apps stealing data from your clipboard