What is RANT PIT?

We are a platform, a community, a pit to dump your negativity, anger and frustration.

Just let is all out. Distract your self. Let us motivate you

We desperately want to Rant about what is happening around us. We want to Rant about our life, the life of others, and the world in general. From that early morning frustration to the late-night gossip, we desire it all.

At Rant Pit we provide you that platform to absolutely let it all out.
Rant about anything under or over the sun. Once you are done, you will feel a burden has been relieved off your shoulders.
Post Rant sessions are dedicated to Motivation. Dive into the ocean of motivation and inspirations and experience a difference.
We don’t have the money to compete with social media giants. But we do have an honest intention to keep it simple and true.

Connect with like-minded Ranters and share a Rant.

Happy Ranting!!!

Spit out your anger

help others get it out

distract and motivate

feel relieved

what we offer

Take all you need. Return only what you wish

Ranting Community

Use words, images, videos and everything else to let go of your anger, sadness & depression. Connect with others because you are not alone.


How to motivate yourself? Am I Depressed? How to Rant out anger? Is there a new social media platform of the above?


We bring to you the most motivating stories and content available out there. Learn from others and achieve what you desire.

Why Rant with Us?

Yes, there are tons of other social media websites out there with more features and more user database. Then why us?
Simply because we don’t believe in giving tons of features when the problem is this raw. It’s only when we are true to ourselves and look beyond the limelight that we connect with our raw emotions. This is exactly what we provide.


The biggest advantage is being Anonymous while ranting. Other social media platforms have your friends, family and colleagues to judge you. We aren't judging anyone here.


This is the place only to rant out your emotions. Hence, you are connected only with those who share your pain.


When we let out our emotions, we are able to think clearly and positively. Use this energy to correct whats wrong in life.

The Best Right Now

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